Agar Scientific Now in Position to Supply Kleindiek Micromanipulator to UK and Irish Markets

Agar Scientific is pleased to announce that they are now in a position to supply the Kleindiek micromanipulator to the UK and Irish markets.

In recent years, the Kleindiek MM3A-EM micromanipulator has created an unparalleled new dimension of quality in the field of Electron Microscopy. It can be quickly and easily fitted with a variety of plug-in tools providing greater versatility for many applications.

One of the key applications is nanomanipulation and when fitted with the MGS2 Microgripper tool it can be effortlessly used in FIB applications for in and ex-situ liftout. It can also be used to provide other solutions to high resolution transport and micro-assembly challenges.

This versatile system can also be used for electrical probing, force measurements, nanoindentation and micro-injection of fluids and gases by the uncomplicated addition of other plug-in tools.

Sample throughput has been increased by providing result-oriented operation facilitated by intuitive control interfaces and software. Exchange of probe tips is quick and easy making it an extremely user-friendly system.

The MM3A-EM offers excellent stability and low drift (1 nm/min) which is a result of its compact construction. Furthermore this micromanipulator platform has no backlash and is virtually insusceptible to vibrations. Other qualities include fast pre-positioning of tools by hand, sub- nanometre resolution (0.25nm) and an extensive working range (100cm?). These factors coupled to a high operating velocity (up to 100mm/sec) makes the Kleindiek micromanipulator worthy of consideration by any EM user requiring the best in manipulation accessories.

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