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"Sensor Report" Publishes Feature on mPhase Smart NanoBattery

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB:XDSL.OB - News), through its wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc., is focused on developing and commercializing a new battery technology based on a well-patented phenomenon known as electrowetting, was recently featured in the Swiss publication "Sensor Report" which is one of the most popular technical trade journals for sensor technologies throughout the German speaking countries in Europe. The article, "Extending the life of wireless sensor networks using smart nanobatteries," appears in the Applications and Products section of the current issue and discusses the widespread conversion from expensive, difficult to manage hardwired sensor networks, to wireless sensor networks that are much more flexible and easy to manage by their inherent design.

The significance of mPhase's Smart NanoBattery, is a programmable, extended shelf life reserve battery, capable of adapting to different chemistries (zinc, lithium, and others) that are contained within the same battery fixture. The possibility of using different chemistries in different cells of a multiple cell battery provides a unique solution to meet low and high power needs with one product. The extended shelf life is the result of a proprietary honeycomb membrane that is made using standard silicon processing techniques keeping the essential chemicals of the battery separated until activation. Until activated, the battery will not experience self-discharge or power leakage as conventional batteries sometimes do. This is an important feature in devices that require a reliable power source, such as emergency or medical equipment, remotely accessible sensors, and RFID tags, to name a few.

The power management system utilized by the Smart NanoBattery also provides a unique advantage in the wireless sensor arena. Reliable, continuous, long lasting power supplies are critical when building an optimal wireless sensor network. The Smart NanoBattery solution meets these needs providing Power on Command(tm) for extended periods of time, thus reducing maintenance and replacement needs. In certain sensor applications, the Smart NanoBattery may provide continuous uninterrupted power for more than 20 years compared to commonly used alkaline batteries that may last only five years.

The Sensor Report article features images depicting Smart NanoBattery structures that mPhase has developed. mPhase has posted a PDF version of the article on their website at


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