Nemotek Technologie Successfully Completes Extreme Temperature Testing for Wafer-Level Packaging Solution

Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized Wafer-Level Cameras for portable applications, today announced that it has successfully completed extreme temperature testing for its Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) solution. Reinforcing its ability to produce stable, robust solutions that withstand the most intense, environmental conditions, Nemotek Technologie completed several extreme tests including moisture soak level and temperature humidity resulting in high quality results for its low defect WLP solutions.

By completing a series of extreme condition testing for its wafer level packaging, Nemotek Technologie’s offerings handle all levels of environmental conditions that a camera phone might experience during daily consumer usage. The moisture soak level (pre-conditioning) tests focus on the functional and visual elements of wafer-level technology, measuring the electrical performance of the WLP’s internal circuitry as well as the external routing that was imposed during packaging. The image quality obtained after the testing was completed emphasizes its high-standard packaging process. Additionally, the WLP passed the steady state temperature humidity test, high temperature storage life test and temperature cycling test with no visual defects.

“By testing our solutions under the most extreme conditions and obtaining superior results demonstrates to the market and our customer base that Nemotek Technologie has a competitive advantage on portable applications,” said Jacky Perdrigeat, CEO of Nemotek Technologie. “The tests validate our ability to deliver world-class solutions while establishing the company as well-positioned to drive the market for wafer-level technology.”

Nemotek Technologie recently announced the availability of its customizable and flexible WLP solution that is designed to meet customer requests and image sensor needs. Featuring one of the smallest and thinnest form factors on the market today, the WLP utilizes reflow compatible materials to build the optical elements of the camera module. The camera module is then efficiently mounted directly to a board for camera phone or other mobile device assembly. The use of reflow compatible materials enables customers to save costs with less components and manual processes, ensuring a higher quality at affordable prices.

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