Nanocyl NC7000 Carbon Nanotubes Provide the Cleanliness and Conductivity Required for Producing Innovative HDD Applications

Nanocyl announced today it will highlight the advantages of using CNTs for innovative HDD storage applications at DISKCON USA 2009, Sept. 23-24, in Santa Clara, CA. Nanocyl will be located in booth 307 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

"As the HDD industry develops ever-denser discs, integrated components are becoming more vulnerable to chemical contamination and electrostatic discharge," stated Roberto Mongiovi, business development manager of Nanocyl.

"Carbon nanotube technology can help the OEMs overcome these challenges, especially with the new HDDs being developed for televisions and car navigation systems" Mongiovi said. "CNTs offer a much cleaner alternative to carbon black or carbon fiber, and have an intrinsic molecular structure that conducts electricity and controls ESD."

Nanocyl will feature its NC7000 carbon nanotubes at the trade show. Nanocyl's CNTs provide a high level of cleanliness and abrasion resistance, less outgassing and sloughing, and retention of key mechanical properties for conductive plastic applications, including HGA trays, suspension trays, and other sensitive HDD parts.

"NC7000's cost-competitive performance properties can help maintain a product's integrity throughout the manufacturing and supply chain processes," Mongiovi said.

"This can help OEMs increase their manufacturing yield, and ultimately, customer satisfaction," he explained.

"We also offer a strong global network, especially in Asia, to address the short lead times requested by the HDD industry," he said.

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