Book Provides Exhaustive Account of Carbon Nanotubes Toxicity

Research and Markets, the leading source for international market research and market data, has announced the addition of the book "Carbon Nanotubes: Angels or Demons?" to their offering.

The field of C-nanoparticles toxicity is, at present, fragmented and contradictory, oscillating between enthusiastic raptures and bitter disappointments. This important book presents an overall, unitary view of the carbon nanoparticle world, in which both the positive and negative aspects of these recently discovered nanomaterials are critically described and elucidated.

The book provides an exhaustive account of C-nanotubes toxicity, mechanisms of toxicity and biocompatibility towards human and animal organisms as well as the entire biological environment. The detailed description of the physicochemical properties of these nano-objects will help facilitate discussion on their future applications in the biomedical field.

This book is unique in its understanding, interpretation and analysis of the mechanisms related to the physicochemical behavior of C-nanotubes, as it aims is to let readers be in contact with C-nanoparticles in order for them to take the many advantages these nanostructures can offer in the aforesaid field. Contributors include experts in the study of materials biocompatibility and toxicity, mainly as it concerns Carbon-nanoparticles toxicity.


  • Carbon Nanotubes: A Basic Description (C Goze-Bac)
  • Applications in Mechanics and Sensors (A Rubio)
  • Applications in Biology and Medicine (G Rasi & C Matteucci)
  • Carbon Nanotubes: Applications for Medical Devices (R Streicher)
  • Toxicity of Carbon-Nanotubes (S Fiorito)
  • Mechanisms of Toxicity of Carbon Nanotubes (S Fiorito & A Serafino)


Academics, postgraduate students, researchers and scientists in nanomaterials and nanostructures.

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