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Boston Scientific Founder to Advise Leading Nanotechnology Firm

Nanobiosym® today announced that John Abele, Cofounder and former Co-Chairman of the multibillion-dollar global medical device company, Boston Scientific, has joined the Nanobiosym Global Advisory Board.

John Abele, Founding Chairman, Boston Scientific (Photo: Business Wire)

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Abele led the adoption of game-changing technologies to enable new paradigms in healthcare such as angioplasty, therapeutic endoscopy, and the use of catheters to treat vascular disease. A pioneer in the development of “minimally invasive medicine,” Mr. Abele is a globally recognized thought leader on technological, social and economic issues affecting healthcare.

“I am honored to welcome Mr. Abele to our Global Advisory Board,” said Nanobiosym® Chairman and CEO, Dr. Anita Goel, MD, PhD - a Harvard and MIT-trained physicist and physician. “I am inspired by his legacy which provides us with a practical roadmap for bringing disruptive technologies to market and creating entirely new ecosystems to drive cultural change in our healthcare system.”

Nanobiosym has developed Gene-RADAR®, a portable nanotechnology platform that can rapidly and accurately detect genetic fingerprints from any biological organism. Dr. Goel’s vision is to give patients worldwide real-time access to their own diagnostic information through low-cost handheld devices that could detect disease from a single drop of blood or saliva.

“Nanobiosym’s technology platform is truly game-changing and has the potential to radically redefine the rules of medical diagnosis.” Mr. Abele said. “Dr. Goel’s approach to medicine through the lens of physics and nanotechnology could bring about fundamental paradigm shifts in modern medicine, possibly even quantum leaps in how we diagnose and heal diseases. At Boston Scientific we fostered a culture of exploration and discovery and I see that same drive and passion at Nanobiosym. I am delighted to join the Nanobiosym Global Advisory Board, and I look forward to working very closely with Dr. Goel and her team.” Mr. Abele joins Ratan Tata, Alfred Ford, and Ambassador John Palmer on the Nanobiosym Global Advisory Board.

Named by MIT’s Technology Review as one of the world’s top science and technology innovators working at the forefront of physics, biomedicine, and nanotechnology, Dr. Goel has a passion for innovating holistically across conventional disciplines. “We are deeply committed to bringing our scientific innovations to address some of the greatest humanitarian needs and challenges facing our planet,” said Dr. Goel.

“Dr. Goel’s vision for science is holistically shaped by the needs of the greater good,” said Mr. Abele. “It is one thing to give the world great science and technology. But it is even greater to have the vision to use this science and technology to create a global impact that transcends boundaries between scientific disciplines, between academia and industries, and even between various geopolitical and socioeconomic arenas. Dr. Goel, a rare blend of scientist, entrepreneur and visionary, is paving the path to a better global future.”


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