London Centre for Nanotechnology Joining Forces with Veeco Instruments

The London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) and Veeco Instruments, UK are joining forces to set-up a training course for professionals and academics dedicated to the utilisation of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM). This training course is to be sanctioned by a professional certification controlled and maintained by the LCN. Both the LCN and Veeco Instruments are at the forefront of nanotechnology and together represent the ideal partnership to develop this certification.

The London Centre for Nanotechnology is a UK-based, multidisciplinary research centre forming the bridge between the physical and biomedical sciences. It was conceived from the outset with a management structure allowing for a clear focus on scientific excellence, exploitation and commercialisation. It brings together two world leaders in nanotechnology, namely University College London and Imperial College London, in a unique operating model that accesses the combined skills of multiple departments, including medicine, chemistry, physics, electrical and electronic engineering, biochemical engineering, materials and earth sciences, and two leading technology transfer offices.

Veeco is a leading provider of Metrology and Process Equipment solutions used by manufacturers in the High-Brightness LED, solar, data storage, semiconductor, scientific research and industrial markets. These industries help create a wide range of information age technology and products, such as portable music players, cell phones, PDAs, digital video recorders, backlighting for computers and TVs, architectural and automotive lighting, solar cells and much more. In our Metrology segment, we design and manufacture atomic force microscopes (‘‘AFMs’’), stylus profilers, and optical interferometers used to provide critical surface measurements in research and production environments. Our broad line of AFMs, scanning probe microscopes (‘‘SPMs’’), optical interferometers, and stylus profilers are used in universities, research facilities and scientific centres worldwide. In production environments such as semiconductor, data storage and other industries, our metrology instruments enable customers to monitor their products throughout the manufacturing process to improve yields, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

“There is a plethora of training available on AFM,” says Dr Thierry Bontoux (LCN’s deputy director in charge of Business development). “However, there is no way to bench mark the value of each individual professional working on this kind of instrument. What the industry and the academics need is a realistic tool to evaluate the competences of different users. This is the aim of the training and the certification launched by the LCN and Veeco.”

The LCN has developed this training course in close collaboration with the engineers of Veeco. The list of certified users will be displayed and maintained on the LCN web site since this certification will only be valid for three years to guarantee the practical competences of certified staff.

“It All engineers require strong and reliable training but in addition they need to maintain their skill levels throughout their careers,” explains Robert Frankum (Veeco’s UK sales manager). “This kind of training did not exist and it appeared to us that if it had to be done, Veeco and the LCN had to do it, being at the forefront of nanotechnology.”

This certification will be officially announced during the SPM meeting in Warwick on the 28-29 of September, and the first course will be given at the LCN on the 16 and 17 of November 2009.


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