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CalciTech Files Application for New Patent at the UK Patent Office

CalciTech announces today that CalciTech Synthetic Minerals Ltd, it's wholly owned subsidiary, has filed an application for a new patent at the UK Patent Office. In due course equivalent applications will be filed claiming the benefit of the UK filing date to obtain patent coverage in all major markets.

When granted, this patent will extend the patent protection of CalciTech's process and product in terms of lifetime and coverage.

This new patent will protect the processes to be used by CalciTech to produce a Synthetic Calcium Carbonate ("SCC") with exceptional features including, but not limited to, a unique morphology (rice grain shape), a very narrow particle size distribution and exceptional purity, which itself gives very high brightness. Typically, CalciTech produce particles in the sub-micron range which satisfies the large majority of potential applications, as demonstrated by extensive trials with future customers. However, CalciTech can use the same process to produce other particle sizes in the nano and micron range. This wide range of capability opens up new applications in growing markets.

Christoph Jensen, CalciTech's Technical Director and co-inventor of the processes that have now been patented, commented: "We have invested considerable time and energy to develop these processes both at a laboratory scale and then in the pilot plant. It is very satisfying for those who have worked with me on this development that our efforts have been rewarded by the filing of a patent."

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