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New High-Value Surface Micro-Measurement System Released by Optical Metrology Systems Company

Zemetrics, maker of innovation-driven surface metrology products, introduces ZeScopeTM, a sub-nanometer precision 3D optical profilometer for general and industrial applications. The newly developed metrology system is distinctive in offering high resolution imaging along with numerous motorized and automated ease-of-use features in a high-value standard product.

The mid-range priced ZeScope measures surfaces with vertical scanning interference microscopy, capable of measuring micro-surface map height variations to within 0.01nm repeatability – comparable to high-end optical profilometers. ZeScope's measurements capture up to 1.3 million points of surface detail – the highest spatial sampling rate of any standard optical profilometer. ZeScope measures surfaces in three dimensions, making it useful for assessing structural characteristics and ideal for volumetric metrology. Three-dimensional surface measurements are essential for such applications as wear of materials, ablation, tribology and surface texture evaluation.

ZeScope's innovative engineering, using finite element analysis, minimizes resonant vibrations that can undermine the measurement effectiveness of other cantilevered stands. The distinctive quad-arches form a rigid and stable bridge structure – allowing highly repeatable measurements – while creating a large test volume for test materials up to 500mm x 500mm x 180mm. For precision measurements in variable environments, Zemetrics' specially-built athermal objective lenses – up to 100X – reduce operator intervention for improved repeatability.

The ZeMapsTM acquisition and analysis software package is a 64-bit multi-threading application supporting very large data sets by making full use of multi-core processors. It keeps the system's automation features brisk, while presenting the user with a highly interactive and responsive graphical interface. ZeScope's standard configuration features an automated objective turret, motorized optical scanning stage, automated image zoom, computer-controlled focus, and test-stage video preview.

In ZeScope, Zemetrics has re-engineered optical profiling, offering numerous advantages and ease-of-use time-savers that are either unique to Zemetrics, or available only in expensive upgraded systems.

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