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Cavitation Technologies Files Three New PCT Patent

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI) (OTC Bulletin Board: CVAT; Berlin: WTC) has announced that it has filed three new PCT patent applications to protect our intellectual property worldwide. The patents are for Flow-Through Cavitation Assisted Rapid Modification of Crude Oil, Modification of Beverage Fluids, and Method for Cavitation Assisted Refining, Degumming and Dewaxing of Oil and Fat, for its Nano Cavitation Technologies.

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. continues to identify new applications for our technology. All of the applications are in industries where there is a need to solve environmental problems, reduce operating costs and improve profitability. For example the application used for Rapid Modification of Crude Oil is designed to increase the yield of refining crude petroleum. We have conducted tests whereby our cavitation technology was used to produce 5% to 15% more diesel and gasoline from the same barrel of crude oil at lower temperatures. In addition, we have also been able to improve the efficiency of refining crude petroleum as our technology has been used to increase API (American Petroleum Institute) gravity and reduce viscosity by up to 15%. The savings derive from the fact that it takes less energy to refine higher API petroleum. While the Modification of Beverage Fluids using wine aging as an example, Cavitated and electrolyzed wine is healthier because it doesn't oxidize easily and requires no artificial anti-oxidizing agents that are present in almost all wines. Cavitation improves the color, palatability, mellowness and bouquet in minutes rather than in the months or years that is needed for a similar result through normal aging. Furthermore, with regard to the Refining, Degumming and Dewaxing of Oil and Fat patent, our degumming system converts crude non-degummed vegetable oils into high quality degummed oils using only water and/or trace amounts of citric acid. In many tests conducted, CTI processed crude vegetable oils with trace amounts of citric acid and/or caustic to levels that are acceptable to both, physical and chemical refining. An improvement of more than 80% compared to typical hot water degumming that reduces gums to about 200 PPM. CTI looks forward to advancing with the national phase with entries in various countries, while filing patents in order to protect its superior technologies globally.

"We are exceptionally proud of the fact that the technologies we are developing will have a global impact," indicated Roman Gordon, Cavitation Technologies, Inc. CEO. "As we continue to develop our intellectual property portfolio, we will continue to explore relationships with potential strategic partners to enable worldwide transformation in the chemical, wastewater, renewable fuels and vegetable oil industries while refining existing processes."

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTI); (OTCBB: CVAT); is a "Green-Tech" company, established in 2006 to become a world leader in the development of new cutting edge technologies for the vegetable oil refining, renewable fuel, petroleum, water treatment, wastewater sanitation, food and beverage, and chemical industries.

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