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Wigwam Introduces Collection of Socks Containing SmartSilver

Wigwam, an authentic American brand of socks, has transformed their socks into an experience for their consumers. Wigwam's new product for 2010 offers enthusiasts in Sport, Outdoor, and Snowsport the opportunity to experience the best of the best in socks. This year, Wigwam wants you to do "Your Personal Best" in Wigwam product.

This year, Wigwam is introducing a collection of socks containing SmartSilver™. SmartSilver ™ is a certified antimicrobial that provides permanent odor control for all types of footwear. So whether the socks are for running, hiking, exercising, or just everyday life, SmartSilver™ keeps on protecting – through the life of the sock.

The SmartSilver™ collection includes socks from Sport, Outdoor, and Snowsport Competencies. In Sport, the Silver Wool Runner and the Silver Wool Runner Lite are heavier and lighter versions of the perfect road or trail running sock. Both contain SmartSilver™ to keep feet feeling fresh and odor free.

In Outdoor, Wigwam is featuring the Silver Wool Walker, a new lightweight sock with odor control, soft Merino wool, cushiony sole, and foot hugging fit. Also featured is the Minus 40º C Silver – a premiere cold weather boot sock made with 100% Wool yarn for warmth with the added benefit of SmartSilver™ – ideal for the hunt or any cold weather activity. Last but not least, the Silver Metro, an ultra lightweight Merino wool crew sock for everyday use with the added anti-microbial protection of SmartSilver™.

In Snowsport, for those who enjoy hitting the slopes, you ought to have the Snow Silver Ski this winter. This is the absolute best ski sock in the industry for those who prefer Merino wool and odor free feet. In addition, the Snow Silver Lite combines the comfort of Merino wool, lightweight design, with a touch of SmartSilver™.

Whether you are competing in a triathlon, out for a jog, hitting the slopes, or merely relaxing by the fire, Wigwam has the products to fit your needs. So this year, choose Wigwam if you are looking for the proper fit, function and fiber. Let Wigwam help you achieve "Your Personal Best" at whatever activity you enjoy.

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