Planar's Thin Film Electroluminescent Display Ideal Complement to UK-Based Military Manufacturer

Planar Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:PLNR), a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, today announced that its proprietary thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) display technology has been chosen by United Kingdom-based Dytecna Systems Engineering for its new Crew Information Screen (CIS) design.

Dytecna Systems Engineering Ltd., which manufactures and supplies power distribution solutions and Military Land Systems HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring Systems) for use in military vehicles, containers, shelters, marine and rail applications, required a monitor that could endure the extreme temperatures and demanding ergonomic conditions encountered by armored vehicle drivers, and could meet the rigorous requirements of the UK’s Ministry of Defense. Planar’s TFEL solution demonstrates Planar’s ongoing strategy to deliver display solutions specifically designed for high-performance operations in challenging environments and specialty government and military applications.

Dytecna Systems Engineering provides the design, development, manufacturing, supply and support of engineered solutions that improve the function and operation of their clients’ assets. Primary capabilities include custom-built Electronic Architectures, Health & Usage Monitoring Systems, and Power Management and Generation products. All hardware is underpinned by ruggedized and easy-to-use software developed specifically for the application. When operating a military vehicle, drivers rely on Dytecna’s Crew Information Screen (CIS) to provide instant feedback of relevant vehicle and platform status information. Planar’s TFEL (EL320.240.36HB) display technology, used with Dytecna’s Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), provides Dytecna a reliable display that they integrate into their system to effectively and reliably transmit necessary information to vehicle operators. The ruggedness, sunlight readability and low power consumption of Planar’s TFEL displays were significant features vital to Dytecna’s integrated display requirements for their CIS solution.

Dytecna Systems Engineering’s sub-supplier packages Planar’s TFEL in an enclosure, which is specifically designed for the purpose, and they have developed a function set controlled by simple push buttons. Dytecna was looking for improved display performance when it comes to durability in rugged operations to ensure at-a-glance readability, wide operating temperature range and low power consumption in all terrain vehicles. The excellent performance of Planar displays in all these areas was the key reason the TFEL display technology was selected by Dytecna. In addition, their engineers found that the screen drivers were easy to develop for TFEL, allowing for a highly-configurable display.

“We have four years of experience using Planar’s EL in another project, all of it positive. We found the Planar EL display to be the right fit again for this project because of its function and ideal size, as well as power consumption levels and reliable performance statistics,” said Calvin Allwright, Dytecna Systems Engineering business development manager.

Feedback from Dytecna Engineering’s customers, end users of Planar’s TFEL technology, regarding the previous collaboration that utilizes TFEL is overwhelmingly positive. The users specifically note that the display exceeds expectations because it is easy to read in all types of operations.

“Dytecna is familiar with our products and has successfully integrated them into their military solutions for several years. After working with them further to create a custom solution to meet their specific needs, as well as to exceed the rugged field-use parameters demanded by the UK’s Ministry of Defense, Planar’s TFEL proved to be the perfect fit for the job,” said Doug Barnes, Planar’s vice president and general manager.

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