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Nanocoatings for the Construction and Exterior Protection Industry

Research and Markets, the leading source for international market research and market data, has announced the addition of the "Nanocoatings for the Construction and Exterior Protection Industry" report to their offering.

Nanoscale coatings are particularly suited to protecting the surface of various construction materials such as glass, concrete, sand limestone or marble from environmental influences like water staining, moss, algae as well as soot and oil stains, and also function as corrosion inhibitors for reinforced steel. Paints and surface coatings are commercially available that create a low energy facing thus rendering a building surface highly hydro- and oleophobic, thereby helping to prolong maintenance cycles and to ease cleaning. Dirt repellent protective paints and photocatalytic coatings are the most prominent applications in construction and exterior protection industry. In recent years, self-cleaning coatings using photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) has gained considerable industry attention.

With assistance of little UV light from fluorescence source or sunlight, TiO2 offers two unique properties:

(a) strong oxidation power (b) super-hydrophilicity.

The construction and exterior protection sector is one of the largest markets for nanoscale coatings at present, and is an especially competitive market in Germany and Asia.

The current market is estimated to around US$130million, rising to US$400million plus by 2015.

Report contents include:

Production methods and coating types
Market structures, market drivers and revenues
Company profiles

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