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MTI Instruments Purchases Microscopy Accessories Company Based in New York

MTI Instruments, Inc. (MTII) of Albany, NY, a worldwide leader in precision measurement solutions, and a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Incorporated (MTI) (OTC: MKTY), announced the acquisition of the tensile stage line of products from Ernest F. Fullam, Inc., a pioneering microscopy accessories company from Clifton Park, NY. As part of the acquisition, Mr. Peter Fullam will join MTII as a Product Sales Engineer.

The MTII/Fullam Tensile Stages are used by industry and research institutions to investigate how different materials perform under certain conditions. Normally, a material sample is placed within the jaws of the tensile stage and compressive or expansive load forces are applied. Additional stimuli such as heating or cooling can be directed at the sample during the test in order to gather data under various conditions.

The MTII/Fullam tensile stages are unique, compact test systems specifically designed to fit both optical and scanning electron microscopes. This provides greater insight into early stages of material failure and a better overall understanding of how specific materials perform under load. MTII/Fullam also offers an optional control and acquisition system that interfaces with the tensile stage. This control and acquisition system allows precise and repetitive control of the stage, including custom profiles. The control and acquisition system is capable of displaying real time data as well as capturing and saving data for future analysis.

“Understanding the way materials react when stretched, compressed and/or bent can help designers make safer, lighter and more cost effective products,” said Gordon Reid, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for MTII. “We believe the MTII/Fullam product line offers our customers unique features, and we are excited to incorporate this line of products into our existing portfolio.”

What distinguishes these products are their compact size and flexible mounting fixtures, allowing them to be installed into virtually every type of scanning electron microscope (SEM), atomic force microscope (AFM) or light microscope (LM). Both 100 and 1000 lb load frames are available providing the flexibility to test products from human hair to ceramics, metals and plastics.

“We are very pleased to have Peter join our company to strengthen our sales efforts for the MTII/Fullam tensile stage line and his experience in this industry is invaluable. Additionally, the tensile stage product line is a natural complement to our extensive line of high quality instruments at MTII,” said Peng Lim, President and CEO of MTI. “We look forward to working with Peter and to continue his legacy of outstanding test products.”


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