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NanoeXa to Present Advanced Energy Storage in May and June Conferences

NanoeXa today announced presentations on Advanced Energy Storage at 3 conferences in May and June, 2010.

Dr. Deepak Srivastava, CTO, will outline how NanoeXa's proprietary Quantum Simulation Software (QSS) can advance the development of Li-ion batteries at the May 3-4 Electrochemical Energy Storage beyond Li-ion Conference at Argonne National Labs. Some of this work involving the mobility of Li- ions and the extension of this approach to the futuristic Li-air battery will be undertaken in cooperation with researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Michael Pak, CEO, will present business benefits and partnering opportunities for faster and cheaper development of safer, higher performance, and lower cost Li-ion battery materials at the TechConnect World Conference Venture & Partnering Forum, June 21-24, Anaheim. QSS from the atomic to system level battery cell designs has been validated by materials synthesis and prototype battery testing. Both materials and batteries are in commercial evaluation with global Li-ion battery manufacturers.

According to Dr. Srivastava: “NanoeXa has developed efficient and fast search and design algorithms working with our QS materials database for rapid development of solid-solution/composite electrode materials. We can predict battery-related behavior of designed structures at the intrinsic materials level – specific capacity, voltage, volume change on charge/discharge, relative safety, and cycling characteristics, as well as cell level discharge characteristics with given electrolyte and counter electrode. Advanced materials are the basis of new product development for many industries and markets. We can deliver safety, performance, and cost gains for battery materials and cell manufacturers today and for materials advances in fuel cells, solar cells, and ultra-capacitors in the near future.”

NanoeXa is exhibiting at the Advanced Automotive Batteries Conference, May 17-21, Orlando, Florida. Interested companies can contact us regarding partnering, IP licensing, OEM, and joint venture opportunities.

NanoeXa's innovative QSS enables the rapid and low cost design of advanced materials, with current applications focused on Li-metal oxides. Our business model includes design and manufacture of advanced battery materials and battery technology engineering and IP licensing today, and fuel cell, solar cell, and ultra capacitor applications in the future.


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