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CEA-Leti, Grenoble Innovation Partners and AEPI at TechConnect World

TechConnect World's mission to match "innovative solutions to real world technology challenges" is borne out by a group of Grenoble (France) innovators, who will highlight their technological advances and detail opportunities to partner in France the week of June 21 in Anaheim.

MEET with AEPI and Grenoble Innovation Partners GRAVIT/GRAIN & PETALE (GRIP - at booth 442), including the tech transfer office for over 200 labs and Grenoble incubators GRAIN and PETALE, key components in technology transfer in the Grenoble area and to the creation of highly innovative companies.

Discuss: A soft landing in Grenoble with Gilles Talbotier of GRAIN & PETALE;

Tech transfer with Jeanne Jordanov and the rest of the GRIP team.

DISCOVER the technologies of start-ups Valmat (presentation Tues. June 22 in Room 207C) and 4D View Solutions (Wednesday June 23 at 2:45pm same room) and discuss opportunities at the GRIP booth or at the IP Partnering Summit.

UNDERSTAND CEA-Leti initiatives, the NanoVLSI Alliance with Caltech, and new opportunities to PARTNER with the renowned CEA-Leti at NanoTech, MicroTech, BioNanoTech sessions. Tues., June 22 at 1:30pm in Room 201D and Thurs. June 24 at 10am in Room 205AB).

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