Tellabs 7100 Nano Optical Transport System Receives RUS Acceptance

Service providers need to cut costs while offering high-bandwidth services such as high-speed video downloads. And with bandwidth demand growing, providers seek solutions that will help them stay ahead of competition.

Two Tellabs products gained RUS (Rural Utilities Service) acceptance to bring high-bandwidth services to users and savings to providers. RUS offers funding for communication initiatives to rural telephone companies. The Tellabs® 7100 Optical Transport System (OTS) and its smaller version, the Tellabs® 7100 Nano Optical Transport System, provide solutions that fit the needs of rural communities.

Good things come to rural areas

Service providers worldwide, large enterprises and U.S. Government agencies already use Tellabs Optical Solution. Now companies that serve rural areas also can benefit from the Tellabs 7100 system. The system enables service providers to increase bandwidth and maximize network efficiency. It:

  • provides efficient delivery of bandwidth on demand with four times the bandwidth for just 50% -70% of the cost of upgrading legacy systems;
  • reduces overall network cost up to 75% with fewer network elements that require less space, power consumption, support and maintenance; and
  • offers built-in redundancy with six-nines (99.9999%) service availability, only about 30 seconds of downtime per year.

"Tellabs helps rural telecom providers succeed with solutions that address user demands," said Mark Pashan, vice president and general manager, transport products, Tellabs. "RUS acceptance enables us to offer a carrier-class solution that fits the needs of rural markets."

In addition to the Tellabs 7100 OTS, the Tellabs® 1000 and 1100 Multiservice Access Series and the Tellabs® 8800 Multiservice Router also have RUS acceptance.  The Tellabs 7100 OTS is a part of Tellabs® Optical Solutions.


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