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Hiden Analytical Announces Extension of HPR-20 Series of Gas Analysers

Hiden Analytical announce the extension of the HPR-20 Series of gas analysers with the addition of an expanded range of gas stream selectors. Standard selector options give the choice of 8, 20, 40 and 80 channels for application to multiple gas stream control and monitoring in the pressure regime from 10mbar to 10 bar.

Stream selection is fast with switching times of less than 1 second. The 20/40/80-way series are founded on the novel Proteus rotary valve with precision micro-stepping drive, with non-selected streams flowing continuously to a common exhaust. The solenoid operated 8-way selector valves may additionally be configured with the non-selected streams static when gas conservation is a priority. Anti-corrosion and anticondensing versions are optional.

The multi-stream gas selectors are fully integrated with the Hiden HPR-20 mass spectrometer system and are also available standalone for connection to the user's gas monitors. When preferred the selector can be mounted up to 2M from the HPR-20 system without loss of switching response time.

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