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RASIRC Supports Fraunhofer to Develop 300mm High-K Films

RASIRC®, the steam purification company, is aiding Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) in its search to develop new 300mm High-K films using Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).

RASIRC has supplied a RainMaker® Humidification System (RHS) for controlled addition of water vapor used with ALD. RASIRC designs and manufactures products for controlled humidification and ultrapure steam generation for critical manufacturing processes.

RainMaker Humidification System

“We hope to see how ultrapure water vapor can enhance thin film properties and process performance for advanced High-K dielectrics such as ZrO2, HfO2, and SrTiO3 for ALD processing on 300mm processing equipment,” said Jonas Sundqvist, research associate, Functional Electronic Materials, Fraunhofer CNT. “We hope that the RASIRC system will improve results, as well as be more cost effective and easy to integrate compared to the standard solutions for water vapor generation such as stainless steel bubblers.”

“We are pleased to be working together with Fraunhofer on this leading-edge development,” said Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC president. “We believe that the RASIRC solution will improve results by minimizing total water vapor and purge time needed to complete this critical ALD step. High-K films are central to continued shrinkage of features size.”


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