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Report on Use of Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron for Water and Soil Treatment

The Adventus Group, a multinational remediation technology enterprise, provides a review of the Observatory NANO Focus Report 2010 on the issues surrounding nano-scale ZVI (nZVI) for treatment of contaminated water and soil.

Colleagues at our Canadian affiliate; EnviroMetal Technologies Inc (ETI) reviewed this report, available at their website European website. It presents useful information on nanoscale zero valent iron (nZVI) use in the EU. As many industry watchers will know, ETI is the originator of ZVI permeable reactive barrier (PRB) technology. The numerous challenges surrounding this technology described in the report’s conclusions reinforce our opinion that while high reactivity nanoscale metals represent an intriguing development in contaminant remediation, significant questions concerning their technical performance and cost, as well as related health and safety issues, need to be answered before these particles can be considered for widespread use as a commercial remedial option.

Specific comments are summarized in a concise report available at nZVI versus ZVI. In addition to the references therein, interested readers are directed to the following sources of information concerning nZVI technology:

  • US EPA Nanotechnology for Site Remediation Fact Sheet
  • A detailed review of a California Groundwater Resource Association meeting held in the fall of 2009 on nanotechnology in the environment
  • The environmental sciences and engineering center at the Oregon Graduate Institute maintains a searchable database containing several articles pertaining to nZVI.


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