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Aegis Receives STTR Award for Exploring Nano-Structure Fabrication Techniques

The AEgis Technologies Microsystems Group wins an Air Force Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Award for Terahertz Focal Plane Arrays.

AEgis is teaming with the University of Buffalo as the research institution for this project.

The main objective for this STTR Phase I will be exploring nano-structure fabrication techniques that can lead to detector elements with the desired THz response. AEgis and the University of Buffalo will demonstrate key concepts with theoretical calculations and preliminary demonstrations, while also emphasizing the feasibility and potential improvement over conventional technologies. The THz detection system is being designed to achieve response in the 1 to 10 THz range. The technology will be fabricated in a video-rate focal plane array (FPA) capable of spanning this frequency range.

Recent advances in THz-source stability, power, and practicality have opened the door for active THz imaging in both commercial and military settings. AEgis is teaming with the University of Buffalo to develop a highly portable solution. This novel detection technology has the ability to outperform other sensor technologies in this frequency regime with advantages that include extremely fast operation, excellent bandwith, and wide frequency coverage.


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