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New NanoMarkets Report Analyzes Conductive Coatings Market

In its latest report on the conductive coatings market, industry analyst firm NanoMarkets predicts that the worldwide conductive coatings market will be break the $12.0 billion revenue level in 2015.

The firm's report sees the latest developments in electronics ranging from the growing use of next-gen displays to the rise of photovoltaics and wireless communications as shaking up the once staid conductive coatings business and creating new opportunities for both established and innovative start-up companies alike. The author of the report, Lawrence Gasman, NanoMarkets Principal Analyst, is also available for Q&A.

From the report:

NanoMarkets' analysis reveals that new developments in next-generation displays will lead to new business opportunities for conductive coatings as e-paper, OLED and touch-screen display manufacturers move beyond indium tin oxide (ITO). The report also shows how the latest photovoltaics technologies are desperately seeking new electrode materials that will improve on the ever-critical efficiency performance of solar cells. The omnipresence of wireless communications will also lead to a spurt in sales for paints, dips and other coatings-related products that provide EMI/RFI shielding. As a result of these and other revolutions in electronics, the demand for conductive coatings will both grow and change. New kinds of conductive coatings -- especially polymers and nanomaterials -- will have especially significant opportunities and this will open up the way for innovative start-ups, according to NanoMarkets.

About the Report:

This new NanoMarkets report analyzes and quantifies the markets for conductive coatings using metals, metallic compounds, traditional carbon, conductive polymers and nanomaterials. And it examines the use of such materials in batteries and fuel cells, displays, lighting, photovoltaics, sensors, antistatic protection, EMI/RFI shielding and traditional thick film applications. The report provides detailed eight-year forecasts of the markets analyzed, with breakouts by different material types and different applications.


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