Analysis on Novel Nano-Based Catalytic Materials

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Series: Advanced Materials Research Vol. 132

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the Second International Symposium on New Catalytic Materials, Cancn, Mexico, 16-20 August, 2009

The search for new catalytic materials has grown into a very important multidisciplinary research field; including novel strategies for catalytic materials synthesis, control and manipulation of solid-state chemistry and surfaces, innovative characterization techniques and rapidly expanding catalysis applications, and has thus attracted the attention of large numbers of scientists and engineers all over the world. This special volume on Advanced Materials Research comprises new contributions covering aspects of catalyst preparation and characterization, as well as various applications of catalysis.

Among these contributions are: the syntheses of novel catalytic materials involving surface functionalized mesoporous materials, hybrid inorganic-organic solids, oxide nanotubes and nanorods, carbon nanotubes and activated carbon, carbides and nitrides, zeolites, ion exchange resins, rare-earth oxide doped solid superacids and superbases and double-layer hydrotalcites, etc. Also discussed are the application of catalysis to various reactions, such as: hydrogen production and storage, NO reduction and photocatalytic degradation of VOCs, electrocatalytic synthesis of fine chemicals, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, petroleum hydrodesulfurization, isomerization and alkylation of alkanes, transesterification of soybean oil to biodiesel, etc. Although the present volume does not cover all topics in the area of catalytic materials, it reflects recent advances and future expected trends in this field, and will undoubtedly benefit scientists and investigators from the academic world, as well as industrial engineers.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Plenary Lecture
  • Nanostructured Materials for Hydrogen Storage
  • S. Sepehri, Y.Y. Liu and G.Z. Cao
  • Catalysts Synthesis and Characterization
  • Influences of Surface Chemistry on Dehydrogenation Kinetics of Ammonia Borane in Porous Carbon Scaffold
  • S. Sepehri, B. Batalla Garca, Q.F. Zhang and G.Z. Cao
  • Observation on the Structure of Ordered Mesoporous Materials at High Temperature via In Situ X-Ray Diffraction
  • C.F. Zhou and J.H. Zhu
  • Synthesis of Si-Based Mesoporous Materials with Different Structural Regularity
  • L.F. Chen, J. Lpez, J.A. Wang, L.E. Norea-Franco, G.X. Yu, F.H. Cao, Y.Q. Song and X.L. Zhou
  • Comparative Studies of the CoMo/MgO, CoMo/Al2O3 and CoMo/MgO-MgAl2O
  • Catalysts Prepared by a Urea-Matrix Combustion Method
  • L.B. Wu, D.M. Jiao, L.F. Chen, J.A. Wang and F.H. Cao
  • ZnAlFe Mixed Oxides Obtained from LDH Type Materials as Basic Catalyst for the Gas Phase Acetone Condensation
  • Mantilla, F. Tzompantzi, M. Manrquez, G. Mendoza, J.L. Fernndez and R. Gmez
  • Structure Sensitivity of Sol-Gel Alkali Tantalates, ATaO3 (A= Li, Na and K): Acetone Gas Phase Condensation
  • L.M. Torres-Martnez, M.E. Meza-de la Rosa, L.L. Garza-Tovar, I. Jurez-Ramrez, F. Tzompantzi, G. Del Angel, J.M. Padilla and R. Gmez
  • Phase Stabilization of Mesoporous Mn-Promoted ZrO2: Influence of the Precursor
  • M.L. Hernndez-Pichardo, J.A. Montoya, P. Del Angel and S.P. Paredes

Environmental Catalysis

  • Promotional Effect of Gadolinia on CuO Catalyst for Reduction of NO by Activated Carbon
  • Y.Y. Xue, G.Z. Lu, Y. Guo, Y.L. Guo, Y.Q. Wang and Z.G. Zhang
  • Synthesis and Photocatalytic Performance of Hierarchical Porous Titanium Phosphonate Hybrid Materials
  • T.Y. Ma, T.Z. Ren and Z.Y. Yuan
  • Role of Nanocrystalline Titania Phases in the Photocatalytic Oxidation of NO at Room Temperature
  • S. Castillo, R. Carrera, R. Camposeco, P. Del Angel, J.A. Montoya, A.L. Vzquez, M. Morn-Pineda and R. Gmez
  • Chitin/TiO2 Composite for Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol
  • K. Wan, X.H. Peng and P.J. Du
  • Catalysts for Petroleum Hydrotreating
  • Catalytic Properties of Ni-Mo Carbide and Nitride Phases Supported on SBA- and -16 in the Hydrodesulfurization of DBT
  • E.C. Aguilln-Martnez, J.A. Melo-Banda, L.A. Guevara, T.A. Reyes, C.E. Ramos Galvn, R.R. Silva and J.M. Domnguez
  • Oxidative Removal of Dibenzothiophene by H2O2 over Activated Carbon-Supported
  • Phosphotungstic Acid Catalysts
  • G.X. Yu, R.X. Zhou, J.B. Li, X.L. Zhou, C.L. Li, L.F. Chen and J.A. Wang
  • Adsorptive Removal of Dibenzothiophene in Diesel Fuel on an Adsorbent from Rice
  • Hull Activated by Phosphoric Acid
  • G.X. Yu, J. Sun, X.M. Hou, X.L. Zhou, C.L. Li, L.F. Chen and J.A. Wang
  • Adsorption of Dibenzothiophene on Transition Metals Loaded Activated Carbon
  • G.X. Yu, J.B. Li, X.L. Zhou, C.L. Li, L.F. Chen and J.A. Wang
  • Catalysts for Petroleum Refining
  • Studies on the Catalytic Activity of Sulfated Zirconia Promoted with Cerium Oxide
  • F.E. Lugo del ngel, R. Silva-Rodrigo, A. Vzquez Rodrguez, R. Garca Alamilla, J
  • Navarrete Bolaos, A. Castillo Mares, J.A. Melo-Banda, E. Terres Rojas and J.L. Rivera Armenta

Catalysts for Fuel Production

  • Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Methanol over a Ag/ZnO
  • One Dimensional Catalyst
  • R. Prez-Hernndez, A. Gutirrez-Martnez, A. Mayoral, F. Leonard Deepak, M.E. Fernndez-Garca, G. Mondragn-Galicia, M. Miki and M. Jos-Yacamn
  • Basic Ion Exchange Resins as Heterogeneous Catalysts for Biodiesel Synthesis
  • M.G. Falco, C.D. Crdoba, M.R. Capeletti and U. Sedran
  • A Novel La2O3-ZnO/ZrO2 Solid Superbase and its Catalytic Performance for Transesterification of Soybean Oil to Biodiesel
  • X. Li, G.Z. Lu, Y.L. Guo, Y. Guo and Y.Q. Wang
  • Refinery Oil Fraction Fuels Obtained from Polyethylene Catalytic Cracking
  • Employing Heteropolyacid-MCM-41 Materials
  • Hernndez, L.E. Norea-Franco, L.F. Chen, J.A. Wang and J. Aguilar
  • Synthesis Optimization of SAPO-34 in the Presence of Mixed Template for MTO Process
  • L.P. Ye, F.H. Cao, W.Y. Ying, D.Y. Fang and Q.W. Sun
  • Studies on Cobalt-Based Catalyst to Synthesize Heavy Hydrocarbons
  • Li, P.L. Wang, W.Y. Ying and D.Y. Fang


  • A Novel Non-Metal Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst Based on Platelet Carbon Nanofiber
  • J.S. Zheng, X.S. Zhang, S. Wen, P. Li, C.A. Ma and W.K. Yuan
  • Enhanced Electrochemical Oxidation of BH on Pt Electrode in Alkaline
  • Electrolyte with the Addition of Thiourea
  • D.M. Yu, C.G. Chen, S. Lei, X.Y. Zhou and G.Z. Cao
  • Pd Nanoparticles Supported on TiO2 Nanotubes for Ethanol Oxidation in Alkaline Media
  • H.H. Yang, Y.H. Qin, S. Wen, X.S. Zhang, D.F. Niu, C.A. Ma and W.K. Yuan


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