AIXTRON Receives New Order from Customer in Southern Province of PR China

AIXTRON AG today announced an order from Jiangxi Changda, a new customer in the southern province of PR China.

Jiangxi Changda has ordered two AIX 2800G4 HT 2 inch MOCVD tools. The new HB GaN LED growth reactors have been successfully installed and commissioned by the local AIXTRON support team at the company’s facility.

Dr Lu Bo, Executive Vice President of Jiangxi Changda comments, “I have been impressed with the reputation of this equipment thus our team has been looking forward to the arrival of the new AIX 2800G4 HT MOCVD reactors. We need them to comply with our planned capacity increase as we manufacture more LEDs to meet the strongly growing demand. The AIXTRON systems match our specification for process flexibility, thickness uniformity, doping, and composition. We had a swift and efficient installation thanks to the AIXTRON close local support and service.”

Dr Christian Geng, Vice President Greater China and General Manager AIXTRON Taiwan adds, “This is an important sale for AIXTRON for several reasons: Jiangxi Changda is a subsidiary of Lattice Power Corporation in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, which is one of our long-time customers and one of the first in China. This company relies on several AIXTRON MOCVD systems to develop and manufacture HB LEDs for full color displays. Lattice Power is also scaling up its R&D for the production of HB GaN LEDs on silicon substrate for even more cost efficient devices.”

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