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Nemotek Technologie Integrates Automated Testing Systems for Wafer-Level Optical Solutions

Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized wafer-level cameras (WLC), today announced the integration of new fully automated testing systems to its manufacturing process.

The automatic testing procedure now improves efficiency and reduces time-to-market for Nemotek’s customizable wafer-level solutions, including wafer-level optics (WLO), wafer-level packaging (WLP) and wafer-level cameras (WLC). By delivering the best quality products, Nemotek improves overall customer satisfaction in a shorter timeframe.

Manual testing can be often associated with a higher risk of error and product flaws during this labor intensive task. By leveraging the benefits of multi-station, automated testing, Nemotek can now process many more dices, in a much more controlled manner, while eliminating potential risks.

“By incorporating an automatic testing system into our daily business practices, we can respond to high demand markets and quickly produce high quality, low defect wafer-level solutions,” said Hatim Limati, vice president of Nemotek Technologie. “The new procedure provides us with greater control over our operations, which includes full customization to meet our customer’s needs. Nemotek provides the flexibility to increase capacity while enhancing quality.”


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