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Professionals at Mock Prison Rate Defog it Antifog for Superior Performance

When 1,400 law enforcement and corrections tactical and technology professionals were asked to test Defog It antifog in full-scale, real-world scenarios at the Mock Prison Riot training program, the fog-fighting results were clear.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Defog It earned a 9.4 for antifog performance and 9.5 for antifog reliability.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Defog It antifog earned a 9.4 for performance and 9.5 for reliability from Mock Prison Riot attendees.

“Defog It antifog was first used in the military worldwide,” says John Swett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nanofilm, maker of Defog It. “Its fog-free performance on safety eyewear is a vital safety feature for tactical officers.”

Research at the Mock Prison Riot also showed that fogging is a significant problem for many law enforcement and corrections professionals. 53% said they had frequent fogging problems and another 29% sometimes faced fog. 83% confirmed that their only solution is to wipe the fog off. The causes? The exertion of the job in full tactical gear was listed first, affecting 35% of officers. Humidity was named by 29% and heat by another 21%. Cold weather is a problem for 15%.

First used by the military worldwide, Defog It is the proven safety choice in the toughest workplace environments where heat, cold, humidity and exertion cause fogged safety eyewear. It’s used in utilities, pulp and paper, mining, chemical processing, forestry, law enforcement and other industries. The product is safe and effective on safety glasses, goggles and faceshields.

Lab tests also confirm the antifog’s high performance. In one test, a lens treated with Defog It was held over constant hot steam for 60 minutes without fog forming. Similar products failed in as little as 5 minutes. In another test, lenses coated with Clarity Defog It were moved between cold and hot environments 100 times without fog forming.


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