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High Barrier Nanocomposite Coatings for Flexible Packaging

InMat, the leader in environmentally friendly, high barrier nanocomposite coatings has a large number of water based coatings available for customer sampling. Each has its unique advantages and offers customers options not available from any other barrier coating supplier.

  • Nanolok PT ADV-7 provides excellent oxygen barrier up to 80% RH while also providing large improvements in moisture barrier. A 0.5 micron coating provides better barrier than 10 microns of EVOH.
  • Nanolok PT ADV-E is ~ 30% lower cost than ADV-7.
  • Nanolok EXC is 50-60% lower cost than Nanolok PT ADV-7 while still providing similar levels of oxygen barrier up to 65% RH. It also has little color and excellent optical transparency.
  • Nanolok WR 301409 provides:
    - good oxygen barrier up to 80% RH
    - moisture barrier similar to Nanolok PT ADV-7
    - superior adhesion to several polymer films eliminating the need for a primer on BOPP and PLA
    - 2x the solid content of InMat's other formulations (14% vs. 7%) reducing the required drying time and enabling a higher speed, lower cost, coating process
  • Nanolok WR 20135a provides
    - Good oxygen barrier up to 85% RH - 8-10 times better than EVOH
    - Good moisture barrier at 40C and 85% RH
    - Good optical transparency and no color
  • Nanolok HSC coatings are designed for in-line coating of paper and paperboard products. They provide high oxygen barrier competitive with nylon coated paperboard at a coating thickness of 3-7 microns, and have high enough solid content to be applied in-line on production equipment. They also provide excellent grease and oil resistance.

InMat continues to develop new barrier coatings that push the performance limits of its nanocomposite technology and provides higher value to its customers

As with all InMat coatings, these products contain no solvents or hazardous materials and are appropriate for food packaging applications.

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