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XTIO2 Launches World’s First Nanocoating Service for Anti-Germ and Anti-VOC Protection

XTIO2 INC. (XTI) introduces XTI 360™ - the world’s first premium nanocoating service that provides comprehensive anti-germ and anti-VOC protection of personal environment (work, home, car, plane, school and frequent locations).

XTI’s world-exclusive ACTIVE-SHIELD™ photocatalyst nanocoating is transparent, environmentally-friendly (zero-VOC) and the most effective ‘binderless’ SURFACE-BONDING technology of any TiO2 product. XTI is a foundational nanocoating that can be applied onto many types of materials and product surfaces to act as a ‘defense shield’ against transmission of dangerous germs and viruses.

SGS tests on XTI™ coated surfaces prove its ANTI-GERM EFFICACY as of R6.08 (99.9999% JIS-Z-2801-standard), providing powerful protection against common cold viruses, superbug NDM-1 and other dangerous germs and bacteria like H1N1, H5N1, H2N5, E-Coli and MRSA(Staphylococcus-aureus) that are rapidly spreading around the world. Since flu vaccines target only a few strains, we are still vulnerable to their subclades and other influenza viruses.

Transmission of germs and viruses happen mostly via surface CONTACT and AIR from one person to others. Reducing chances of contracting infection is the best solution.

Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that pneumonia and influenza death rate in the U.S. has spiked to nearly 9%. It is expected to rise because of pandemics H3N2 and H1N1. A recent UK report indicated the failure rate for the H1N1 vaccine was approximately 50% because of the dominance of a nearly identical strain spreading in the United States.

XTI’s ACTIVE-SHIELD™ nanoparticles react to UV-light creating super-oxide-ions (highly reactive electrons) that burn bacteria and viruses on contact surfaces via chemical reaction, effectively reducing germ-counts in our environment and breaking down air pollutants, bacteria and VOCs (Volatile-Organic-Compounds: harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia and many other common contaminants released by building materials and household cleaners) into harmless carbon-dioxide and water molecules, purifying the air in the process.


  • POWERFUL and FAST: Greater than 99.999% anti-germ efficiency on applied surfaces, under one-hour test by SGS (vs.24-hrs required by others).

  • GREEN: RoHS-Non-Toxic-compliance.

  • SUSTAINABLE: Regeneration by light.

  • SAFE and ZERO-VOC: Consisting of 99.5% UPW(ultra-pure-water) and 0.5% titanium-dioxide(TiO2), WITHOUT BINDER or sintering-coating (which may contain VOCs) required by other TiO2 products.

XTIO2 is available in two formulas: DAYLIGHT (X-TiO2:Titanium-Dioxide) and ZERO-LIGHT (X-TiO2Ag:Titanium-Dioxide-Nano-Silver). Both can be applied on many types of surfaces via advanced low temperature XTI 360™ application process which is easy, fast and cost effective:

  • Buildings (Hospitals/Offices/Shops/Schools/Hotels/Casinos/Public Washrooms/Sports Arenas)

  • Transportation (Cars/Trains/Buses/Airplanes)

  • Work/Living Spaces (Walls/Ceilings/Doors/Carpets/Curtains/Air-ducts/filters)

  • Fabrics (Fashion/Sportswear/Facemasks/Uniforms)

  • Consumer Products (Toys/Phones/Keyboards/Mouse/Handheld-Devices)


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