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Bruker Showcases Nano-Technology Enabled Systems at Pittcon 2011

Bruker is showcasing its range of analytical technologies at Pittcon 2011. The systems target better analysis in industrial and related applications for improved sensitivity and productivity. They can also be applied in molecular and materials research.

The maXis 4G UHR-QTOF offers Full Sensitivity Resolution (FSR) of more than 60,000 and mass accuracy of over 600ppb. It retains maximum sensitivity even at full resolution, and at up to 30Hz speed in UHPLC separations. This allows users to find and determine the quantity of compounds or metabolites in an individual measurement.

The aurora M90 incorporates CRI II collision reaction interface to remove disturbance while a Nitrox500 accessory reduces limits of detection (LOD) on As and Se even further. It features the ICP-MS detector, pulse counting mode, multi-element analysis in one measurement. The analysis mode is accurate for environmental and industrial monitoring systems using the ICP-MS technology.

The chromatography data system (CDS), which is suitable for use with gas chromatography (GC) systems control, is useful for processing data and delivering improved laboratory workflow. The compassCDS offers migration to former Varian GC users. The S8 DRAGON is an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer used for elemental analysis of process control in metal production and foundries. It uses latest X-ray technologies for high quantitative accuracy with elemental flexibility for production management in a single measurement.

Other products include the e-Flash for demanding EBSD applications, the TRACER IV GEO which is handheld XRF analyzer suitable for geological applications, the Assure-RMS for targeted and non-targeted tracking of contaminants in biotech, industrial, and pharmaceutical production.

The BMS-c is a beamsplitter exchange system that offers more flexibility in materials research. The SIGIS 2 (Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System) offers detection, quantification, and visualization of volatile gas clouds from afar for chemical imaging. The gas imager GI 384 LW can detect gas leaks in industrial environments.



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