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NanoCrystal Technology Receives Approval from EC

An injectable product that is based on NanoCrystal technology developed by Elan Drug Technologies has been approved by the European Commission. The XEPLION has for long been used by Janssen-Cilag International in injectable therapy to treat patients suffering from schizophrenia.

The approval is a step towards NanoCrystal technology. Nanomaterial properties offer enhanced performance in medical applications, ranging from encapsulating and issuing drugs to biologic picture capturing. The pharmaceutical industry is using the technology to enhance drug pharmacokinetics. In the diagnostics sector, efforts are being made to enhance image molecular events for new medicines. The technology representing is used in various applications and substances.

Already, the technology is helping to increase profits in both drug delivery and diagnostics, microbicides and research and development. It is also being used in drug formats such as polymer, liposomal and nanocrystal drugs. Diagnostic and microbicides include nanoparticles, quantum dots and dendrimers. Nanopore formats are being used for DNA sequencing.

Products based on nanobiotechnology are already available in  the market place with the total market worth an estimated US$19.3 billion in 2010. By 2015, the forecast market size for nanbiotechnology is expected to total US$29.7 billion..



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