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Nanocomposite Ceramic Solution for Energy Applications

MesoCoat, a subsidiary of Abakan, and partner University of Akron (UA) have been awarded $2 million by Ohio Third Frontier (OTF).

This grant comes under the Advanced Energy Program (AEP) and will speed up the retail testing of the CermaClad, which is a rapid fusion cladding process. The funding will also help develop and qualify the CermaClad nanocomposite ceramic metallic (cermet) solutions besides the Ceramers designed at UA. The systems will be ideal for power and infrastructure applications.

MesoCoat joins UA’s Corrosion and Reliability Engineering (CAREs) program to test corrosion resistant coatings, and train corrosion engineers and scientists. UA will also create materials with Mesocoat’s CermaClad fusion cladding tools. Part of the grant will go toward a powder coating and cladding unit at UA and for advanced coating development by UA and Mesocoat personnel. Students and personnel will be trained in the technology.

The research aims at qualifying coatings for energy including wind, clean coal, nuclear, and hydro besides transmission systems, heat exchangers, boilers, super heaters, reactors, pressure and storage units, and transmission wire. The plant and researchers will help MesoCoat with research and development. Resources at Mesocoat will be made available to use coating solutions. MesoCoat will use the grant to construct and staff the 11,000sqft coating plant.



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