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Water Treatment System Based on Nanoceramics

ItN Nanovation, a division of Nanostart, has concluded a project in Saudi Arabia for its CFM filtration system based on nanoceramic for water treatment. The project uses flat filter membrane technology.

The CFM Systems filters pre-treat water derived from deep wells. The pre-treated water is then purified for clean drinking water with a reverse osmosis process. This system is better than the polymer-based shallow fiber membranes, both at high temperatures and concentrations of iron and manganese in the water. The units are long lasting, and enhance the life of the downstream reverse osmosis membranes. Drinking water throughput is enhanced by 20%.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has very few wells and no alternative sources of drinking water. Around one million cubic meters of drinking water are treated annually through filtration. ItN Nanovation in collaboration with its Saudi partners is endeavoring to meet the growing demand for systems that will enhance the quality of their groundwater resources. The collaboration will also replace the earlier sand-based filters with the cost-effective CFM systems.


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