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Conformal Plasma Doping for Three-Dimensional Transistors

The Applied Centura Conforma system recently launched by Applied Materials, features the Conformal Plasma Doping (CPD technology.

This technology helps designers develop three-dimensional designs in logic and memory chips. It offers high-dose, energy efficient doping with in-situ cleaning in one vacuum compartment for consistent throughput doping. Its clean, unadulterated doping retains its inherent design.

Sundar Ramamurthy, vice president and general manager of  Front End Products business unit at Applied Materials says the features allow its use in both initial and high-volume production, and both planar and three-dimensional structures.

The company’s technology offers a gentle, energy efficient procedure that facilitates consistent doping over complicated three dimensional chips. It incorporates embedded plasma pre-clean with RTP anneal within the same vacuum system for integrated sequences. This allows processed wafers to be rid of hazardous residues.

The solution is suitable for applications such as finFET logic, vertical gate DRAM and vertical NAND flash memory arrays.


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