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NEMS Software for Motion-Sensing in Consumer Products

STMicroelectronics has recently introduced the details of its iNEMO Engine. The solution is a filtering and predictive software engine incorporating the outputs from a three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

The solution combines information with algorithms, to offer precise and dependable sensor performance to support motion-based applications.

Benedetto Vigna, group vice president and general manager of MEMS sensors and analog division, says the solution will support the next generation of smart phones and other portable systems for multiple applications. It also enables complicated sensor algorithm creation.

The software incorporates adaptive algorithms to deliver detection and filtering. It inputs information from the outputs of multiple motion sensors in consumer products and merges it in order so that the sensor outputs enhance and support each other. It can modify and amend magnetic disturbances detected on the magnetometer measured by the accelerometer, and the inbuilt drift of the gyroscope over a period of time. This feature ensures protection of the data and eliminates timeouts for calibration.


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