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Nanotechnology to Stretch DNA to Diagnose Diseases

Passing DNA sequencing through nanochannels that are thinner than a human hair is called DNA stretching. CIC microGUNE has so far published two reports on research it has conducted in this field, and has applied for a patent.

The procedure involves stretching a single nanoparticle of a DNA, then determining its length, and analyzing its sequencing. CIC microGUNE has developed elements that represent definite lab-on-a-chip range of products called single molecule devices, which help carry out multiple tasks while deploying a nano quantity of DNA.

The technique could provide an effective option to analyze DNA and use it to understand how an illness is caused, diagnose it and find a suitable remedy. The technique could also help identify viruses or bacteria that cause illnesses, in forensic analyses, and to develop therapies for chronic illnesses.

Santos Merino, researcher at CIC says the technology helps identify DNA sequences and genetic changes that govern specific genes that identify illnesses in the primary stages. This feature can foresee the vulnerability of particular communities to certain medications. This feature is called Pharmacogenetics. The chip designs will offer rapid and cost-effective clinical identification. The study reveals that the company will be focusing on health science research over the coming years, and in particular rapid diagnoses.

Towards this end, the company is developing products to identify pathologies immediately and in any environment that focuses on patient care. The systems also help  to carry out diagnosis using biomolecular analysis. Their nanosize and cost- effectiveness will allow for the user- friendly products to be disposable, to be used in patient care anywhere and anytime.



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