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Reportlinker Releases Nanobiotechnologies Research Report

Reportlinker has declared that a new research report has been included in its catalogue titled, ‘Nanobiotechnologies- applications, markets and companies’.

Nanotechnology refers to development and deployment of materials and systems by controlling matter on the nano-level. It is a combination of biology, physical sciences, biotechnology, molecular engineering and chemistry. It can potentially bring significant advancements in healthcare and pharmaceutical segments.

The research report highlights several substances and methods that are related to nanobiotechnology. It also covers certain physical types of energy like nanolasers. Few scaling down nano technologies include microfluidics to nanofluidic biochips and the remaining technologies are structures from scaling up. Several applications in life science studies, in particular cell level research sets the contribution of nanobiotechnology in healthcare.

Few of the initial applications are related to molecular diagnostics. Some of the nanoparticles like quantum dots serve major roles in molecular diagnostics. In vitro diagnostics do not include any security issues related to the destiny of nanoparticles included in the human system. Several DNA sequencing nanodevices and nanosystems are available. Many of the evaluated nanodiagnostic methods will further enhance sensitivity, widening the current boundaries of molecular diagnostics.

Nanotechnology will be used at all levels of drug development levels. Several nanobiotechnology- based assays enable high-volume testing. Certain nanostructures like fullerenes are used as drug members since they enable accurate grafting of dynamic chemical sets in three-dimensional arrangements. Other than solving solubility issues, nanobiotechnology facilitates intracellular drug delivery. Diffusion through the skin is enhanced in transdermal drug transport. Nanotechnology can offer controlled-release automated systems that are operated as per the requirements.

Nanomedicine includes nanodiagnostics and drug supply enabled by nanobiotechnology. Small systems like nanorobots could perform combined analysis and treatment by less invasive surgeries like nanosurgery. Nanotechnology will significantly enhance biological implants and tissue engineering methods as well.

Studies are in progress to address security of nanoparticles included in the human system as well as those discharged in the surroundings. Till date, there are no FDA regulations to standardize nanobiotechnology. However, by the time the products are ready to be launched in the market, the FDA regulations are likely to be in place.

Future markets of nanobiotechnology are determined based on the contribution level of new technologies in the markets, extent of development at any particular year in the future and the background markets in the application areas. This calculation is reached after performing an extensive assessment of the present condition of nanobiotechnology, ongoing research work and expected development. There is a promising sign of significant nanobiotechnology market growth. However, it will be imbalanced and cannot be considered as a stable growth curve. Market figures are obtained from 2010 on the basis of application areas, new technologies and ecological distribution. The biggest growth is likely to happen between 2015 and 2020.

The report has summarized the details of 245 firms. Among these firms, 500 nanobiotechnology companies along with their 188 partnerships are included in the final chapter of the report. The report also includes 41 Tables, 21 figures and 700 references to the literature.



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