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Global Carbon Nanotubes Market Analysis Features in Reportlinker Report

Reportlinker, a global market analyst, has recently published an analytical report on the global carbon nanotube market. Carbon nanotubes are nano-sized allotropes of carbon and their physical, electrical, and thermal qualities render them ideal for multiple applications such as electronics, medicine, aerospace, defense, automotives, energy, and construction.

The report estimates that the increased supply by strategic market players is  likely to reduce costs. CNTs are tensile, conduct electricity, and can operate at high temperatures. Most key players are also doing research in the field, which could lead to more technologies and reduced costs.

The report carries in-depth analyses of single-walled and multi-walled nanotubes, including manufacturing trends, applications, and market predictions for a five year period. Applications analyzed include electronics, semiconductors, chemicals and polymers.

The report has categorized applications into sub-segments for field emission displays, sensors and hydrogen storage. Other sub-categories include lithium-ion batteries, fuel cell, solar energy, medical applications, sports equipment, and airframe and parts.

Each macro and micro market includes detailed analysis of the market trends and forecast, affecting factors, and their competitive landscape. Market supply and demand trends and predictions for North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and ROW have also been tabled.


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