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Market Analyst Releases Paper on Global Nanotechnology Market has added a market survey to its catalogue titled, ‘Production and Application Of Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanofibers, Fullerenes, Graphene And Nanodiamonds: A Global Technology Survey And Market Analysis’, and it is also available on their website.

Nanotechnology is changing research and market trends in areas such as information technology, bio science, environmental science, energy, and material science. Industries are now looking to incorporate and develop nano-scale, high density, fast transmission solutions that are energy and cost- efficient. Nanomaterials comprising nanostructures help designers address these needs. Carbon nanotubes, the report says, are both widely researched and applied.

The cylindrical shape of the nanotubes fabricated from a hexagonal assembly of carbon atoms possess electrical, magnetic, and optic characteristics to enable industrial and scientific applications. Applications include photo-electric and electric elements, biomedical science, energy materials, and synthetic diamonds. Both industry and research worldwide are concentrated on this technology.

The microscopic, tube-shaped forms are composed of graphite sheets rolled into tubes. They feature high electrical conductivity, nano-dimensions, large aspect ratios, and a tip-surface area close to the theoretical limit. These features make them suitable for electron field emitters, white light sources, lithium secondary batteries, hydrogen storage cells, transistors, and cathode ray tubes (CRTs).

They can be applied in Field Emission Devices, memory devices, Nano-MEMs, AFM imaging probes, distributed diagnostics and strain sensors. Applications also include thermal control materials, super strength and light weight strengthening and nanocomposites, EMI shielding, catalytic support, gas storage materials, high surface area electrodes, and light weight conductor cable and wires. Products include graphene, used as substitutes for carbon nanotubes. Fullerenes are applied in chemical planarization. Carbon nanofibers enhance battery and composite features.

Key players worldwide include IBM, Intel, and NASA in the United States, NEC, Samsung and Showa Denko Companies in Japan and Max-Planck Institute in Germany. The report says over 180 companies worldwide develop and apply this technology and derivative products. Over 900 companies, which entered the market over the last decade are also analyzed. Over 160 companies develop nano-carbon and related products. The paper analyses market trends, developments and revenues generated.



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