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ADI Releases Inertial Measurement Unit with iMEMS Technology

Analog Devices (ADI), a signal conditioning and data conversion company has released the iMEMS technology-based ADIS16407 iSensor inertial measurement unit (IMU) with 10-Degrees-of-Freedom (DoF).

Analog Devices' 10-Degrees-of-Freedom MEMS iSensor IMU

The IMU integrates a digital pressure sensor, tri-axis magnetometer, tri-axis accelerometer, and a tri-axis gyroscope into a single unit. The individual sensors combine ADI’s signal conditioning and iMEMS technology for effectively optimizing the ADIS16407 IMU’s dynamic 10-DoF performance. Each IMU is calibrated in the factory for temperature, bias, alignment and sensitivity. Every sensor has its own dynamic compensation formula enhancing precision of sensor measurements.

The Digital pressure sensor is rated at 10 mbar to 1200 mbar. The accelerometer is a digital ±18 g iMEMS type of accelerometer. The triaxial digital iMEMS gyroscope has a digital range scaling of ±75°/sec, ±150°/sec, ±300°/secs.

Unmanned vehicles and emergency first responders do not only require precise alignment and multiple axes of sensing but also need to be cross-integrated to enable tracking or locating of targets in dynamic environments The ADIS16407 iSensor IMU with the iMEMS Technology combines multiple sensors into a single unit with an easy-to-use interface and complete factory calibration to provide these abilities.


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