Entegris and CEA-Leti to Address Molecular Contamination Problems Between Semiconductor Wafers and Containers

Entegris and CEA-Leti have signed a two-year contract to observe cross-molecular contamination that occurs between semiconductor containers and wafers.

The chip industry requires enhanced device performance, which has resulted in the development of new materials. On the other hand, new methods are being developed to increase yield in wafer production. The newly developed materials have caused new contamination problems that must be controlled and prevented. New techniques in wafer fabrication will result in the development of new containers and new methods to clean and control them.

Molecular contaminants present in the air and cross-contamination problems arising from the interaction of the mini-environment, the cleanroom environment, the pod-mask system and the wafer-container system must be solved. It is essential to incorporate suitable methodologies to better understand the contamination process.

Leti has cleanroom facilities of 8000m2 equipped with 300mm and 200mm pilot lines that can be utilized for making advanced developments at the 32nm node and below. These facilities offer all the production conditions required for performing contamination studies.

In addition, Leti will render its high-level technical expertise in analyzing the contamination process and allowing usage of its nanocharacterization platform, which offers suitable analytical methods. Entegris will share its knowledge in material science and deliver various microenvironment platforms to safeguard key materials from molecular contaminants.

Source: http://www.entegris.com/

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