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MarketResearch Adds Report on Applications of Nanocarbons

MarketResearch has added a new report, Production and Application of Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon Nanofibers, Fullerenes, Graphene and Nanodiamonds: A Global Technology Survey and Market Analysis to its offering.

The products grouped as nanocarbon include nanodiamonds, carbon nanofiber, graphene, fullerenes, multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNT), and single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT).

The report revealed that in 2010, the manufacturing capacity for all nanocarbon products was 4,065 tons and this is anticipated to increase to 12,300 tons in 2015. The real production in 2010 was found to be below 25% of the production capacity, whereas in 2015, it would be about 50% of the production capacity. The total value of the production of 2010 was predicted to be $435 million and the value is estimated to attain $1.3 billion during 2015.

According to this finding, the costs of all nano products are anticipated to decrease by 12% per year on an average in the following five years. The multi-wall carbon nanotubes’ global production capacity in 2008 has surpassed 390 tons and it attained 1,500 tons in 2009. By 2010 end, this amount is expected to go beyond 3,400 tons per year. Production capacity for MWNT is projected to reach 9,400 tons by 2015.

The report discovered that the highest priced nano carbon product is the SWNTs. They are very difficult to manufacture than MWCNTs and are ideal for electronic applications. In about 10 to 15 years, silicon used in the computer chips can be replaced with SWNTs. The production capacity in Asia for SWNTs and MWNTs is two to three times greater than the projected capacity in Europe and North America. Japan is the largest producer of MWNTs, while Korea and China are growing rapidly to acquire that position. The utilization of CNTs in the production of lithium-ion battery electrodes is the key factor for large-scale production of MWNT in Japan.



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