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Analog Devices Introduces MEMS-Based Fully Integrated Vibration Analysis System

Analog Devices has unveiled the MEMS-based ADIS16228 iSensor vibration monitor, which will assist industrial equipment designers to upgrade their system performance and decrease maintenance expenditures by efficiently identifying and separating vibration.

The tri-axial, digital vibration monitor, ADIS16228 iSensor features iMEMS sensor technology, Analog Devices’ sensor signal processing and data conversion technologies with a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and suitable data capture. The data buffer configuration and SPI facilitate sensor data accessibility.

Compact Multi-Axis MEMS Vibration Monitor

The ADIS16228 trials, processes and records x, y and z acceleration data with fast Fourier transform processing and time stamp. It provides digital power-supply readings, an incorporated digital temperature sensor and a digital self-test functionality that allows dependable embedded operation within the intended applications. Its operating temperature range is between −40° C and +125° C.

The ADIS16228 iSensor has an entrenched programmable processor, which offers spectral analysis and directional sensing to detect and categorize every source of vibration, allowing quicker detection and separation of vibration sources from the devices and bearing wear to eliminate expensive equipment downtime and operating errors. The integration of these compact vibration monitors will offer automatic vibration profiling to applications ranging from assembly equipment to precision factory automation and wind turbines.

Analog Devices offers the fully integrated vibration analysis system in a 15 x 24 x 15 mm aluminum module having flanges, a flexible connector for easy installation and M2 machine screw holes. Bob Scannell, who serves as iSensor Business Development Manager at Analog Devices’ MEMS/Sensors Group, stated that the MEMS accelerometers are ideal for monitoring vibration but are usually at a minimum level of integration.


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