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Sematech Announces Main Three Speakers for International Lithography Symposia 2011

Global chip maker consortium Sematech has announced that Dr. Jia Li from NVIDIA will be the plenary speaker for the 2011 International Symposia on Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) and Lithography Extensions. It also announced that Dr. Han-ku Cho from Samsung Electronics and Risto Puhakka from VLSI will be the keynote speakers at the symposium.

The event will be conducted in Miami from October 17-21. While the EUVL symposium is being conducted by Sematech in partnership with IMEC and EIDEC, the Lithography Extension symposium is being organised by the company in collaboration with imec.

Dr. Jia Li who is the Director of the wafer foundry operations at NVIDIA, will speak on October 17th on the topic “Transform Designs to Chips with Sub-20nm Technologies”. Dr. Li has over 20 years experience in the areas of SRAM, DRAM, silicon process R&D and manufacturing of chips. He has previously worked with companies like Bell Labs, Sony, Maxim Integrated Products, WaferTech and SGS-Thomson Microelectronics in managerial and technical capacities. Currently, he is evaluating the 20 nm and 14 nm process technologies along with his team.

Dr. Han-ku Cho who is the Vice President and head of the Photomask Team at Samsung Electronics will speak on October 19th on the topic “EUV Readiness and ASML NXE3100 Performance”. Dr. Cho has more than 16 years of experience in the areas of photomask and lithography. He was also the leader of a government program in Korea on EUV Lithography for nine years.

Mr. Risto Puhakka, President, VLSI Research will speak on October 20th on the topic ,“The Business of Commercialising Innovation”. At present,he not only manages advisory services for VLSI but also provides analysis and advice to all leading chip makers, financial companies and government entities.


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