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Federal Bureau of Prisons Uses Nansulate Liquid Coating from Industrial Nanotech

Industrial Nanotech, a provider of nanoscience energy-saving solutions has declared that the Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities established in 1930 uses the company’s Nansulate patented protective and thermal insulation coatings.

Nansulate is a range of liquid insulation coatings from Industrial Nanotech, which is based on nanotechnology and delivers combined performance benefits of corrosion prevention, chemical resistance, mold growth resistance, thermal insulation, fire resistance and lead encapsulation in a water-based formulation.

The liquid insulation coatings can be applied for the insulation of the heat exchanger, steam pipe and duct. The clear liquid coatings ensures the following benefits such as easy application with roller, paint sprayer or brush, comprises a less volatile organic compound, directly adheres to the surface without causing damage and is non-toxic.

Francesca Crolley, Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of business development, said that recently, the company had worked with numerous correctional services to aid them with insulation, which meets the standards of a safe environment. Crolley defined that the Nansulate coating is a clean liquid-based insulation, which safely adheres to the equipment’s surface. Crolley added that the Nansulate coating used in a prison environment provides distinct advantages. Crolley also stated that the Nansulate coating can also be used to lower the temperature of hot surfaces and to enhance the equipment’s life by providing resistance to corrosion and moisture. Crolley ended up in saying that the company is delighted to provide a new technology, offering long-term performance in the prison environment.


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