JUSUNG Engineering Releases MOCVD IGZO Technology for Flat Panel Displays

JUSUNG Engineering, a provider of solar cell, display and semiconductor manufacturing technologies, has released an innovative deposition technology that allows flat panel display manufacturers to improve high definition resolution in the future OLED displays.

A metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology is used in the novel product to use the significant transparent semiconductor oxide material for utilization on flat panels. IGZO - Indium, Gallium, Zinc, Oxygen is the new material that substitutes the conventional amorphous silicon-based active layer. The electron mobility of IGZO is 40 times higher than that of conventional materials and the reaction speed of the display can be controlled quickly. This will help panel makers to provide screen resolutions more than the currently available Full High Definition.

JUSUNG Engineering claims to be the world’s first company to provide MOCVD IGZO efficiency for the panels of the 8th Generation. This new product is compatible with future OLED TVs, LCD TVs and mobile displays.

The MOCVD technology has advantages over traditional deposition methods. It enables panel makers to adjust the IGZO material composition to modify it for their application. Since the previous traditional deposition methods restrict the composition to fixed ratios, the process of fine tuning the composition is significant in the new material. The company hopes to get market acceptance for the new MOCVD technology.

A representative from JUSUNG clarified that the display companies around the world have started to shift to high-speed display technology through the use of IGZO materials. He also said that by being the first one to market this product, JUSUNG will use its growing market influence to come up as a leading capital equipment manufacturer in the world.

Source: http://www.jusung.com

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