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Book on Nanoporous Materials for Environment and Energy by Research and Markets

Research and Markets has added the book "Nanoporous Materials for Energy and the Environment" to its portfolio.

This book explains and talks about best case relevant examples and research practices that prove how research on nanomaterials and associated engineering concepts may provide answers and practical solutions to a number of socioeconomic concerns.

The book has three major thematic parts. The first part talks about how new materials are developed and characterized. The next part covers modeling and scale transformation techniques from and to nanoscale processes, and the third part talks about energy and environmental applications.

The book encompasses a wide range of subjects, which include material design, modeling, preparing and using nanoporous adsorbents, catalysts and membranes. The various topics explained are CNT-based electrodes to be used in fuel cells, proton exchange membranes, supercapacitor and lithium battery design with CNTs, multifunctional catalyst to be used in biomass conversion, sophisticated modeling and characterization of membranes and nanomaterials, membrane usage in gas treatment, energy applications and separation, nano-ordered, two-dimensional photoactive titania membranes and films.

According to Professor Richard D. Noble from the University of Colorado, the book talks about an essential factor for the future of both environmental protection and energy production. In order to address these issues, it becomes essential that novel materials with suitable characteristics are available. It must be noted that there will be a broad range of options, not just one solution. Hence a book that covers both these material requirements as well as the range of applications is extremely timely.


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