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Research and Markets Includes Report on Medical Nanotechnology Market

Research and Markets has added the "Medical Nanotechnology Market Guide 2012" report to its catalogue.

Nanotechnology is gaining popularity as the most potential technology of the 21st century. Current advances in drug delivery, drug development and diagnosis related to nanotechnology are changing the face of medicine completely.

Nanomedicine offers novel value propositions as well as revenue streams, for example in diagnostics certain drug classes such as present chemotherapy agents can be totally substituted with new nanoparticle formulations.

This report studies the role played by nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical sector. Contact information has also been provided of private equity and 34 venture capital investors which have invested in nano-startup firms.

The evolving field of nanomedicine has high potential and is being currently used as the base for novel, highly effective drug delivery systems and is in its early stage of development for eg. scaffolding in nerve regeneration research.

Present applications of medical nanotechnology are bone replacement, appetite control, chemical substitute, cancer, diagnostic tests, cholesterol, imaging, hormone therapy, drug development and immunosuppressant.

Nanotechnology is enabling highly targeted smart drugs or drug therapies. These novel drug therapies cause much lesser side effects and are better than conventional therapies.

It is expected that nanotechnology will help formulate molecular systems, which will have a striking similarity to living systems. These molecular structures can form the basis for replacement or regeneration of body parts that are presently affected due to accident, infection or disease. There are a large number of products seeking for FDA approval and review and the numbers are likely to increase as new medical applications using nanotechnology are developed.


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