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Industrial Nanotech Announces First Sale of Nansulate Coatings to Nuclear Power Facility

Industrial Nanotech has declared the first sale of Nansulate, its patented protective and insulation coating line based on nanotechnology, to a nuclear power facility located in the US.

The nanotechnology-based coating line delivers efficient thermal insulation with superior weathering resistance and significant protective performance features such as lead encapsulation, ultraviolet resistance, moisture resistance, and corrosion prevention. Lead encapsulation is one of the issues during decommissioning nuclear plants.

Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of Business Development, Francesca Crolley commented that while some nations are decommissioning nuclear plants, other countries have proposals to construct more nuclear facilities in order to fulfill the energy demands of rising population. The novel technology offers opportunities to the company to serve as a value added partner in both scenarios. The company’s thermal insulation coatings are utilized to insulate devices in order to decrease heat loss and improve energy efficiency in current nuclear plants. Moreover, there is a requirement for lead abatement when decommissioning nuclear facilities.

Crolley further said that Nansulate coatings offer cost-saving thermal insulation properties that withstand adverse conditions and facilitate the encapsulation of surfaces contaminated with lead for environmental safety. The company has already started initial projects with facilities in the United States utilizing its nanotechnology-based products. The company’s market focus for this year will be power generation plants such as solar, wave, wind, oil and gas, coal and nuclear in order to reinforce the presence and benefits of its sustainable nanotechnology for energy-efficient power production, Crolley concluded.


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