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Research and Markets Offers Report on Nanodiagnostics Market

Research and Markets has included a new report titled ‘Nanotechnology for Medical Diagnostics’ from Cientifica to its database.

The 237-page report discusses in detail about existing and up-and-coming nanoscale technologies utilized for medical diagnostics. Areas analyzed include ion channel switch nanobiosensors, carbon nanotubes, micro- and nano-cantilever arrays, nanowires, nanoporous silica, exosomes, gold nanoparticles, quantum dots and much more.

The comprehensive report provides historical data for the period from 2000 to 2010 and a forecast data for the period between 2011 and 2021 for nanotech-enabled medical diagnostics. Nanotech-enabled medical diagnostics assure earlier discovery of disease, higher accuracy, higher sensitivity, more number of results per assay, higher throughput capability, cost efficiency and time reduction.

According to the report, the value of the nanodiagnostics market will be $50 billion by 2021. Medical imaging is the largest sector in the nanodiagnostics market. Cientifica predicts that the medical imaging sector witnesses the highest impact and growth of nanomaterials. Gold nanoparticle-based applications were valued at $959 million in the $1.7-billion medical imaging sector, which will easily surpass $10 billion with the help of quantum dots, gold nanoparticles and nanobiosensors.

Cientifica’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Harper stated that nanotech-enabled medical diagnostic instruments have started affecting almost all sectors and are widening the scope in terms of cost, sensitivity and speed. Collecting and sending a blood sample for analysis will become obsolete within 10 years of time. Using the right technology at the correct time is important. For example, the application of exosomes in diagnosis, a comparatively new technology and an emerging market, is expected to achieve half a billion dollars in 2021.


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