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XG Sciences to Develop High-Energy Ultracapacitors for Air Force Research Laboratory

XG Sciences, a supplier of energy storage electrode materials, has announced that the Air Force Research Laboratory has selected the company to develop advanced ultrahigh-energy ultracapacitors for space energy storage systems.

When compared to regular carbon charge storage materials, the company’s energy storage materials made of graphene have showed a higher storage capacity. These graphene-based storage materials are produced in a low-cost, eco-friendly process.

According to Rob Privette, Vice President of Energy Markets, the graphene-based energy storage materials are better than traditional counterparts as they have low resistance current carrying characteristics, customized particle size, and highly accessible surface area. The ultracapacitors from XG Sciences will be used for sophisticated space applications. The research will also help in developing advanced ultracapacitors for industrial and automotive applications.

The graphene nanoplatelets from XG Sciences can be designed into pastes, inks and electrodes to produce electrodes that have superior current carrying capabilities and high charge storage capacity for fuel cells, batteries and ultracapacitors.

XG Sciences supplies xGnP graphene nanoplatelets, powders, dispersions, thermally and electrically conductive inks, and additives for lightweight composites. The company has international licensees that include Cabot and POSCO, and provides custom graphene-based products or bulk materials to customers across the globe.


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